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Fully Landed Quote Engine

      For the overseas user the experience of buying from USA-based retailers is usually very poor. The main contributor to buyer dissatisfaction is the appearance of unexpected fees that have to be payed once the goods are received. Brokerage fees, duty fees, other importation costs will be the unseen face that can transform a joyful experience into a bad one.

      The quoting engine we have built for our customers eliminates this problem by providing the end user with the final cost including all the hidden components that most of the US retailers are not going to handle.

  • Duty Cost
  • Tax Cost
  • Brokerage Cost
  • Other Importation Cost
Parcel Tracking System

      Even with the importation costs uncovered to the overseas buyer the buying experience is not yet complete.

      Most of the shipping companies would not provide an end to end parcel tracking information to their users. This is another area where we have helped our customers create the ultimate buying experience by aggregating parcel tracking events so the entire journey is covered:

  • Domestic Events
  • Transit events
  • Customs Events
  • In Country Events
Known Shipper Automation

      Not only the buyers have challenges in buying goods from US retailers. Retailers have their huge challages to expand their markets and serve the buyers with a flawless experience.

      A series of regulations put in place by TSA and other government agencies create a serious barrier in handling cross border transactions. The Known Shipper Program requires every retailer shipping by air and sea to abide to a series of rules. Ultimately all the retailer shipping facilities have to be registered with TSA. We have created tools for our customers to facilitate the automation of the Known Shipper Program.

E-Commerce Integration

      Besides creating a variety of capabilities we have provided our customers with integrated solutions. We have brought the quoting capabilities, shipping capabilities, tracking capabilities and other services within established e-commerce platforms. Some examples of platforms that have been enhanced by Wise24 to provide integrated international capabilities for US retailers are:

  • Magento
  • Demandware
HS Classification

      At the core of any cross border transaction is the HS classification (Harmonized System of Codes). Created as a standard by WTO and adopted almost by all countries in the world, any customs operation relies on this classification.

      We have helped our customers by developing the best tools possible to streamline HS classification. This being a very labour intensive operation we have allowed our customers to drastically reduce the costs associated with it.

Accounting Integration

      Monitoring all international activities from a financial perspecitve is a very big challenge. Dealing with estimates for orders, parcel costs, returns handling and processing exceptions is a fairly big challenge from a financial standpoint. By implementing a generic mechanism to pipe events into financial software packages we have created a financial view for our customers so they can operate the international business in a comfortable way.